Current Rate - £250 


This includes a contact sheet of the best shots PLUS 4 of the shots 

(in digital format - allowing you unlimited repros) retouched and ready to print.


What I offer - 

I take as many photos as it takes.


After the shoot I narrow down the photos to what I think are your top 100 to 150 photo’s (approx.) in order to make it easier for you to make your choice. I then email you a contact sheet to view.


I try and make sure we cover many different looks, which allows you to put extra photos in your Spotlight portfolio if you choose.


You then choose 4 photo’s which are then processed (touching up little details, removing blemishes, cropping the photos to fit 10x8) which I then email to you in colour and B&W ready to print.


Any additional images that you’d like processed are £15 each.